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About HearPO

HearPO is the largest provider of hearing healthcare benefits in the United States. We provide:
  • Hearing aid benefits to patients
  • Discount hearing aid services as part of an overall employee benefit package

Our goal is to provide patients with the highest level of quality care and service while remaining price competitive.

Largest Provider Network

In the U.S., we provide these products and services through a network of over 3,800 credentialed clinics. All HearPO professionals must meet and maintain our comprehensive credentialing requirements in order to be part of the network.

The biggest challenge in creating a successful hearing healthcare program is balancing patient choice with product quality and cost. HearPO's philosophy is to partner with leading manufacturers to offer over 2,000 models of hearing aids from GN ReSound, Miracle-Ear, Oticon, Phonak, Rexton, Siemens, Sonic Innovations, Starkey, Unitron and Widex.


Leaders in Hearing Health Care Plan Design


HearPO works with individual groups to design a program that meets their members' needs. Our experience and industry partnerships allow us to create the most comprehensive programs available today. Whether you are looking for local, regional or national coverage, we have a plan design for you. Our current programs cover more than 175 million consumers from national insurance groups to local employers.


Our History


HearPO was designed by audiologists to meet the challenges of the changing healthcare marketplace. This design has grown to include contracted services with managed care organizations, employers, third party administrators and government agencies.

Hearing care professionals continue to manage HearPO. Regardless of the size of your organization, HearPO can customize a hearing program to fit your needs.


Experts in Workers' Compensation Claims


HearPO was the first company to administer workers' compensation benefits nationally. Our diverse programs allow us to administer benefits for individual employers and national third party administrators. We provide professional review and interpret what is medically necessary for workers' compensation claimants.

"For workers, noise induced hearing loss is the most common occupational disease and the second most self-reported occupational injury. Studies estimate a 50-70% reduction of income received for workers with untreated hearing loss as compared to that received by their non-hearing impaired peers." Hearing Loss Association of America. 10 Sept. 2007. ​​​

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